Monday, December 9, 2013


It's officially Christmas season!  Tas and Isla have turned in their wish lists to both St. Nick and Santa Claus.  Tas's was "a guitar and trains" - more specifically he wants a mandolin to round out his stringed instrument collection.  I guess I can be thankful that at least he's not asking for a base...  Still wondering how to temper the disappointment if he ever doesn't find what he asks for under the tree.  How do all of you parents who have forged the way deal with that?  Not sure we're going to swing for a mandolin this year - definitely not going to swing for a base any time soon!  Trains, however, trains we can do - thank goodness!  I mean Santa ... Santa can do trains!

As for Isla, I think she'd be happy with an extra helping of sweet potatoes or the ability to walk.  Thank goodness there's at least one thing on her list Santa can help with too!

*** And for the record Macy's Santas are AMAZING!!  We had a great experience last year but this year takes the cake,  We went first thing this morning and there were zero people in line ahead of us.  Isla freaks within seconds of being in a strangers arms - especially a bearded one!  In fact, she hasn't even quite warmed up to some of our family yet.  So I was expecting the worst.  I was waiting until Tas was situated before plopping Isla on his lap but Santa asked for her first.  I warned him - ready to snatch her up at a moments notice.  He cooed at her and amazingly she didn't cry!  She got close once (see the top picture) but he settled her like a snake charmer.  Even Tas sat on his lap willingly and told him what was on his wish list.  The photographer snapped at least half a dozen pictures until he got a few he liked and offered us a selection.  And they don't hand out sugar!  You get a Santaland button instead.  Tas has been wearing his proudly all day.  Score one for corporate America.  This one they got right!

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